Welcome to my personal website. Even if there’s only few things here for now, I expect to build it progressively with mostly informational content.

Most of the content will be in english, but I may publish articles in french or german sometimes too.



Some projects I maintain:

  • [en] duplicity-backup.sh – A shell script designed to automate and simplify the remote backup process of duplicity on Amazon S3 instances or other backup destinations (ftp, rsync, sftp, local file…).
  • [en] iptables-persistent – Fork of Debian’s iptables-persistent package. This is an ‘init.d’ script to make iptables rules persistent over reboots, modified to handle fail2ban’s rules reloading and to be compatible with ip6tables for IPv6-enabled servers. Included is an homemade multipurpose config.


Here are some howtos and walkthroughs that I want to share:

  • [fr] OpenSSL – Notes pour la mise en place d’une autorité de certification autosignée avec OpenSSL.


On the Tools page you will find a selection of online tools free to use.