Some projects I used to maintain (they are not actively developed currently):

  • duplicity-backup  – A shell script designed to automate and simplify the remote backup process of duplicity on Amazon S3 instances or other backup destinations (ftp, rsync, sftp, local file…).
  • iptables-persistent –  iptables-persistent is an ‘init.d’ script (aimed at Debian) to make iptables rules persistent over reboots, modified to handle fail2ban’s rules reloading and to be compatible with ip6tables for IPv6-enabled servers. Included is a homemade multipurpose config.
  • clikraken is a command-line client for the Kraken exchange written in Python. This command line client allows you to get useful public and private information from Kraken’s API and displays it in formatted tables. Moreover, you can place or cancel simple orders (only simple buy/sell market/limit orders are currently implemented).