Here are some tools that I host. They are mostly meant for my own use but feel free to use them.

Please don’t abuse any of these, I’ll be prompt to remove public access if my monitoring scripts report something unusual.

Pretty much all of these tools work directly in the browser and make use of JavaScript. Without it enabled, they are useless ;)

[1] — A collection of small tools for developers

[2] — The collection of tools from Timo (in French)

[3] — An instance of the popular minimalist client-side encrypted pastebin.

[4] — The Cyber Swiss Army Knife. Allows to perform many conversion operations directly in the browser, in the form of a “recipe”.

[5] — Easy TeX editor allow to build TeX equations easily.

[6] — Another online TeX equation editor that additionally support the Markdown syntax.

[7] — A tool to digitalize data from plots images.

[8] — Enter any string and it will show you how CSS will interpret it as a color. Useless thus essential!

[9] — An in-browser decoder for RFC 4880 (aka PGP/GPG messages). It doesn’t decrypt anything, but it is useful for debugging the (rather obscure) packet format used by GnuPG and other PGP apps.

[10] — An in-browser implementation of Shamir’s threshold secret sharing scheme in JavaScript. No data is sent to this server. (Mirror copy of